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Center Point

Center Point cover Center Point, an adult mystery from Indigo Sea Press

A list of names, an old map, and a drawing of a Native American warrior named Komaket: these are the items "professional student" Dennis Kozma receives on his twenty-fifth birthday from his father, who died fifteen years ago. Unfortunately, Dennis' memory is tainted by accusations his father defrauded their town.

The map leads Dennis to the graves of the men on the list...members of a secret society awaiting the return of Komaket. While unraveling the mystery of the secret society, Dennis discovers a shocking conspiracy: town officials covered up a dark secret and framed his father.

As he strives to clear his father's name before the long-awaited arrival of Komaket changes his quiet New England town forever, Dennis comes to a startling and fateful realization - nothing is what it seems and all clues lead to the...

...Center Point.

Read the first chapter: Center Point, Chapter 1

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Center Point was nominated for the
"2014 NIEA Indie Excellence Award"
and the
"2014 ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award"

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"... I like that it was also a journey of discovery for Dennis, giving him the incentive he needs to kick-start his own life. Hes an engaging character but, at twenty-five, one that needs to grow up. Hes coasted along as a student and now needs to become part of the real world.
"A very enjoyable read."

~ Cathy Ryan of Between the Lines, The little blog of book thoughts
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"... Overall it was a great book that I found interestingly enough to keep me reading to the last page. While at the moment it seems that Center Point is a standalone novel, I hope at some point the author will write a follow-up, turning it into an adventure series."
~ Marika Charalambous @ Mystery Sequels
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"... Gripping, fast-paced thriller for fans of National Treasure or the Raven Boys. ... Center Point will appeal to adult, teen, and new adult readers."
~ Kell Andrews, author of Deadwood
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"From its opening pages to its terrifying, heart-stopping conclusion, Center Point delivers a labyrinth of cryptic clues and hidden passages that will have readers begging for more. With layers upon layers of secrets and unnerving clandestine societies, Robert Clark masterfully weaves a tale of danger, deception, and the quest for truth within all of us. Clark’s attention to historical detail mixed with a story rife with twists and turns produces a winning combination."
~ Colby Marshall, author of Chain of Command and The Trade

"Robert Clark has crafted an intricate, supernatural mystery that will keep you guessing and looking over your shoulder until the end. If you prefer your mysteries with fewer bloody corpses and more folklore, Center Point will hit the spot."
~ Bryn Greenwood, author of Last Will and Lie Lay Lain

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