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Dizzy Miss Lizzie

Dizzy Miss Lizzie coverr Dizzy Miss Lizzie, a middle grade mystery from Indigo Sea Press
original release March 7, 2012, re-published November 22, 2014 and October 2016

Thirteen-year-old Kasey Madrid finally has the freedom she's always wanted. Instead of putting up with sitters or camps, she can spend the summer home alone in their "new" house. Never mind that the house is a creepy old place built in the nineteenth century. The creep factor skyrockets when Kasey meets a nineteenth-century girl named Lizzie Bellows in the basement. It takes some time for Lizzie to convince Kasey she's not a ghost, though neither girl understands why they can see each other when they live 120 years apart. The difference in their worlds doesn't stop the two from becoming fast friends. Lizzie's life isn't easy though. In her time, her parents died in a fire many believe Lizzie started herself. As the summer passes and Kasey learns more about her own past, she is shocked to discover Lizzie is part of a terrible Madrid family secret. It's up to Kasey to go back to Lizzie's world to unlock the secret and clear Lizzie's name.

Read the first chapter here: Dizzy Miss Lizzie, Chapter 1

Original Lizzie cover
2014 Lizzie cover

Dizzy Miss Lizzie award nominations:
"Finalist: Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2015,
Middle Grade category"

"Finalist: NIEA National Indie Excellence Awards 2015,
Middle Grade category"

"2014 Next Generation Indie Award"
"2014 NIEA Award"

NIEA Book Award Finalist

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"Dizzy Miss Lizzie by R. M. Clark was a very suspenseful book. I could not put the book down. I was eager to find out what was going to happen. I loved this book and I would give it 10 million stars."
~ Ariana Flores of St. Stanislaus School's 3rd grade
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"This is a great young adult story that anyone will like. Make sure to add it to your list. Itís one book that you donít want to miss"
-- jbronderbookreviews
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"... R.M. Clark has created a new heroine for modern kids to enjoy: finally, one for girls that's contemporary and doesn't involve a focus on stereotypical "girl" things."
~ Cyndy Aleo via Goodreads
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"I loved this book! I read it to my 10-year-old son at night (sometimes he prefers me reading to him) and we both really enjoyed it. The author created an authentic life of a young girl, made all the more realistic by the wonderful friendship between Kasey and Paula. There was enough suspense and mystery to keep us interested, and the touches of history were just enough. We looked forward to reading this book each night to see what would happen next."
~  Tiffany York via Goodreads

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