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The Dragon's Song

The Dragon's Song, a middle grade adventure co-written by Binh Pham
Coming soon

With only a change of clothes, eleven-year-old Bao Dang begins his journey out of South Vietnam to escape the oppressive government, circa 1980. Years earlier, he watched in horror as Communist soldiers dragged his parents from their house and sent them to a re-education center.

He covertly travels at night by small boat down the Saigon River to the South China Sea, where he and over 100 other "boat people" pack into a trawler designed to hold fewer than thirty. For six grueling days they avoid police and pirates and face the constant threat of capsizing while living only on rationed rice and water.

Bao and the others find refuge at a camp in Indonesia. Bao harnesses the power of music to endure months of harsh living as he awaits word from relatives in the US. Finally, he is united with them in Rhode Island, leaving behind everything for the ultimate gift: freedom.

This manuscript is available for publication - please contact my agent, Mel Stinnett, if interested.

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