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The Dragon's Song

Dragon Song cover The Dragon's Song, a middle grade adventure co-written by Binh Pham

With only a change of clothes, eleven-year-old Bao Dang and his older cousin, Binh Pham, embark on their journey to America, fleeing the oppressive government in South Vietnam, circa 1980. The two covertly travel at night by small boat down the Saigon River to open waters, where they and over 100 other "boat people" pack into a trawler designed to hold fewer than thirty. For six grueling days they avoid police and pirates and face the constant threat of capsizing while living on only rationed rice and water. Eventually, they all find safe haven at a refugee camp in Indonesia. There, Bao harnesses the power of music to endure months of harsh living as he and Binh await the ultimate gift: freedom.

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"Nothing is more important than hope. ...
"I�d wholeheartedly recommend The Dragon�s Song to anyone who has ever been an immigrant or would like to read a detailed, empathetic account of what that experience can be like."

~ Long and Short Reviews
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"The story enlightens young readers to a place and time important to know about, and I highly recommend it."
~ Laura S via Amazon
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"This book does an excellent job describing the life and trials of the young person. Looking through the eyes of a young boy you can not help but to be drawn into the very wonder of the journey, the terror and the joys of the experience."
~ Kathleen J. Niedfeldt via Amazon
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"This is a timely book that can be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone in middle grades through adults, and it is a wonderful resource for teachers. "
~ Mary B. via Amazon
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"Most of us who lived through the 70’s remember the “Boat People” from Vietnam. Until now, I don’t think I have read (or even heard of) a children’s book about the journey from Vietnam to the United States for so many fleeing Vietnam after the Vietnam War. Binh Pham lived it. Together with R.M. Clark, he has written an engaging tale. The Dragon’s Song is based on a true story. The author himself escaped from the Communist regime."
~ Jane M. via Amazon
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"The Dragon�s Song� achieves its primary goal, to take a rather vague term, �boat people,� and turn it into a vivid tale of a drama that Binh Pham and thousands of others experienced on their way to the United States. Further, many parents can learn from this book, as well. �The Dragon�s Song� is a terrific middle-school read."
~ Silver Screen Videos via Amazon
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