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The Night Train

The Night Train, a middle grade novel
Coming soon

Thirteen-year-old Bailey Stewart and her family move from Denver to rural Elk City after her father gets a job as a school principal. The farm land behind them belongs to Roscoe Stewart, her grandfather, a psychiatrist known for some bizarre treatments and methods. After Roscoe ends up in the hospital, Bailey visits him and he gives her a small, model train engine called The Night Train.

Bailey goes to Roscoe's house and discovers something wonderful in his basement: a massive train village that's a scale model of Elk City. Bailey finds that The Night Train can take her back to specific dates in town history. After each visit, Bailey slowly remembers small details from her own fragmented past. Each visit is a clue, but she doesn't know why she's getting them.

After several journeys on The Night Train, Bailey finally begins to piece the strange memories together. But when Roscoe's radical method goes terribly wrong, Bailey soon finds that nothing about her or her family's existence in Elk City is what it seems.

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