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The Right Hand Rule

Right Hand Rule cover The Right Hand Rule, a middle grade mystery from Indigo Sea Press

Amy, Amanda, Marshall, and Ziggy expect their middle school to be empty on Saturday morning so they can get ready for the regional science fair. They don't expect a botched experiment to attract a horde of time-displaced ancient Mayans when their unusual science advisor, Frederick Froth, goes missing. The four must use their unique science skills and work together as they grapple with a Mayan god, the Dark Rift, and the principles of science to rescue Mr. Froth.

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"Sharp dialogue, cool tech, and heady speculative elements create a high-stakes puzzle young readers will want to solve alongside the four vivid middle-schoolers, each with unique quirks and smarts."
-- Kell Andrews, author of Deadwood
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"This is a wonderful book for both midgrade readers and adults. This is my secondbook by RM Clark and I will be watching out for other books of his. I recommend you check this one out."
-- jbronderbookreviews
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"I'm going to start this review the only way I know how I wish this had been around when I was 7/8 and getting utterly obsessed with reading."
-- my little book blog
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"Another fab read from R. M. Clark with humour, friendship & science!"
--Nayu's Reading Corner

"The Right Hand Rule is a good choice for anyone who is in the mood for something surprising."
--Astilbe of Long and Short Reviews YA
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"This is a fun mystery, which will appeal to science fans or kids who simply like interesting facts and know-how mixed into their story. I hope there will be a sequel because the idea behind this mystery is very good"
~  Bookworm for Kids
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