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Running on Empty

Running on Empty coverRunning on Empty, a middle grade mystery from Indigo Sea Press

In this follow-on to Dizzy Miss Lizzie, Kasey and Paula try to solve the mystery of an empty time capsule and along the way discover a town's 300-year old secret.

While filming a student documentary, Kasey and Paula investigate an empty time capsule and discover their town's 300 year-old secret involving a special group of time traveling historians. Now Kasey and Paula must immerse themselves in the historians' world and use their powers to solve the mystery of the empty time capsule.

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"I loved the supernatural element of the tale, it's a clever concept, works well and I hope will feature in another book in the series! It would be so cool to have extra help like that, although it does come with great responsibility. As with all of Clark's other books there's a happy ending! "
-- Nayuleska of Nayu's Reading Corner
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"With logic, thought, curiosity and a perfect dash of magic, this mystery grabs from page one and keeps kids guessing until the very end."
-- T. Drecker of Bookworm for Kids
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"A little action, a little magic, a little mystery, a little history and a lot of entertainment"
-- Angela Stroud of Eastern Sunset Reads
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"Enchanting from the start, story was full of mystery and history"
-- Sandra's Book Reviews
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"Running on Empty is a good choice for anyone who is in the mood for a slow-burning mystery."
-- LAS Reviewer
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