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Book Reviews - Center Point

"Even though heís been dead for fifteen years, Dennis Kozmaís father comes back into his life in the form of some papers heís left for his son to open on his twenty-fifth birthday. Along with his best friends, Tom and Jed, and his Uncle Russell, Dennis sets out to uncover the mystery of the Native American legend, Komaket, and to clear his fatherís name of embezzlement charges.
"It was intriguing to follow the mystery from Dennisí point of view, how the clues were worked through, where they lead and the discoveries made along the way. The ever evolving drawing was especially compelling and curious. Legends and folklore are fascinating topics and although the ones mentioned in the story are fictional they are written in such a way as to have an authentic feel, tying in with the history of the town and itís founding fathers.
"The conspiracy and lore Dennis uncovers lead him ever deeper into the complexity of the mystery. What is it that links his father to a Native American legend and a battle from the Revolutionary war? Strange things start to make sense and as the threads of the puzzle are woven together an underlying darkness threatens. The conclusion is unexpected and dramatic, thank goodness for Uncle RussellÖ.and Komaket. Iím sorry Melody and Dr Overmann didnít get their comeuppance though.
"I like that it was also a journey of discovery for Dennis, giving him the incentive he needs to kick-start his own life. Heís an engaging character but, at twenty-five, one that needs to grow up. Heís coasted along as a student and now needs to become part of the real world.
"A very enjoyable read."
~ Cathy Ryan of Between the Lines, The little blog of book thoughts

"Center Point is the debut Ďgrown upí novel of the author R. M. Clark. I was given an eBook copy by the author with the request to read and review. I do love adventure novels, so I took it with me on my holidays abroad to read. The story evolves around Dennis Kozma, who is basically wasting his time, life and his fatherís money on college education, not really knowing what to do with his life and not really comes, he gets a visit from one of his dadís friends, who gives him a gift coming from his deceased father and promptly tells him the funds for his education is now cut off.
"He has at most another semester at the college, after which he has to graduate and do something worthwhile with his life. Like figure out what is that package with a list of names, and old map and some Native American drawings that his dad left him and why. His dad was once a city official years ago until he had to retire in shame due to some shady issues of which he was accused of. Soon he passed away and now itís up to Dennis to not only figure out the mystery behind the package he got, but also clear the name of his dad in the process. During his journey of discovery while following the clues he learns more about the townís past and a particular battle during the days of the Revolution, when the town was victorious in a very mysterious way.
"In addition it seems that the drawings that he got handed down from his dad are actually changing. He could swear that the face of the Native American is changing every single day when he looks at it.
"Soon Dennis realizes that figuring out what happened in the past, why people are looking away when one mentions the name Komaket and why some weird things start to really make sense on the map he was given will also clear his fatherís name of any wrongdoings once he gets to the bottom of it all.
"There are lots of clues popping up, getting Dennis to reveal just a bit more about the whole townís secret every day, which makes for a pleasant and fun read. There is plenty of action and suspense, and the story unfolds at a natural (and at times surprising) pace. What do have a secret society, an ancient Native American legend, patterns in the townís cemetery and dadís last wish in common? Dennis has his hands full in solving the puzzle that is his town and the more you read the more you realize that there are more secrets in this quiet town that meets the eye. The end chapters definitely kept me at the edge of my seat and and when I finished the book, it made me think about it for a while.
"This is also a Heroís journey for Dennis, who realizes that he has to stop wasting his life and become a real man. Each clue that he follows gets him there one bit at a time. That is his dadís gift for him, wrapped up along with the mysterious artifacts.
"Initially it was not easy to see Dennis as the detective type, however he handled himself quite well, balancing this aspect with his mundane life which consisted of his struggles to find a decent flat and his annoyance with his OCD stepfather.
"Overall it was a great book that I found interestingly enough to keep me reading to the last page. While at the moment it seems that Center Point is a standalone novel, I hope at some point the author will write a follow-up, turning it into an adventure series." ~ Marika Charalambous @ Mystery Sequels

"Gripping, fast-paced thriller for fans of National Treasure or the Raven Boys. Professional student Dennis is thrown into a family mystery at his 25th birthday, when his efforts to clear his father's name uncover a dark conspiracy beneath the surface of his picturesque New England hometown. Center Point will appeal to adult, teen, and new adult readers." ~ Kell Andrews, author of Deadwood

"From its opening pages to its terrifying, heart-stopping conclusion, Center Point delivers a labyrinth of cryptic clues and hidden passages that will have readers begging for more. With layers upon layers of secrets and unnerving clandestine societies, Robert Clark masterfully weaves a tale of danger, deception, and the quest for truth within all of us. Clark’s attention to historical detail mixed with a story rife with twists and turns produces a winning combination." ~ Colby Marshall, author of Chain of Command and The Trade

"Robert Clark has crafted an intricate, supernatural mystery that will keep you guessing and looking over your shoulder until the end. If you prefer your mysteries with fewer bloody corpses and more folklore, Center Point will hit the spot." ~ Bryn Greenwood, author of Last Will and Lie Lay Lain