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Book Reviews - Tick Tock Man

Book lineTick Tock Man drawing by Ariana "I really enjoyed The Tick Tock Man. It was very interesting and now is probably one of my favorite books. My favorite character is Fuzee/Suzie."
~ Ariana Flores of St. Stanislaus School's 5th grade

Book line"Itís Thanksgiving morning. Thirteen-year-old CJ just wants to sleep in, but the clock in his room keeps making weird noises. CJ reluctantly gets out of bed and starts helping his parents prepare the house for visiting relatives and Thanksgiving dinner. But throughout the day, CJ notices more odd behavior from the clocks in his house and around his neighborhood. The clocks throughout the Connecticut town all seem to be stuck at 2:00, the time when, earlier that day, CJ broke (and was subsequently sucked into) an heirloom family clock. The teen soon discovers a magical clock world in turmoil that needs his help. Along with a half-human girl named Fuzee, CJ learns he must find the Tick Tock Man to restore the worldís balance before it is too late.
"This is an unusual fantasy adventure about an alternate universe and a long-standing feud between two old-world German races. CJís first-person narration and conversational tone will appeal to reluctant readers looking for an action novel that isnít based in romance or teen angst. The mystery of the Tick Tock Man will be solved early on, but itís an entertaining journey anyway. Give this to fans of Suzanne Collinsís Gregor the Overlander or Marie Rutkoskiís The Cabinet of Wonders.
"VERDICT A fun, fast-paced adventure that will appeal to reluctant middle school readers, especially those interested in engineering and how things work."

~  School Library Journal

Book line"It's Thanksgiving for CJ and his clock-loving family, but when he's the only one who notices that the clocks are all stuck on two, the adventure begins.
"The author has created a fantastic world where clocks are so much more than they seem. It's an intriguing world and surprisingly easy to envision and learn about in the process. Although the beginning of the tale starts at a slower pace and allows the reader to sink in first, these first details fall into place around a steady  adventure the rest of the way through. The world is vivid and grows without slowing down the plot. There's so much for CJ to discover and all the things which seem unfamiliar at first, grow until they are hard to let go.
"CJ is a thirteen-year-old boy who has some things to learn, but this 'growing up' message slides nicely into the adventure. It's no problem to feel for him, especially when faced up with his not understanding relatives. Fuzee, a part human girl, helps CJ mold into the world. But it's actually her who brings the tale to life. She's strong and adds so much zest to the story, making her a real treat. This mixture makes a great book girls and boys are sure to fall in love with. And this is a tale to enjoy. Before one knows it, the story captures and doesn't let go until the very last page."

~  T. Drecker of Bookworm for Kids

Book line"It is Thanksgiving and thirteen year old CJ wants to sleep in until the alarm clock starts making a strange noise. Then while setting up the clocks in the house the family learns that Uncle Artie is in the hospital. This is the beginning of the mess. He then notices that all the clocks are stopped at 2:00 pm and he is the only one that notices. He also learns that he can shift into the clocks. He meets a half human girl Fuzee. CJ learns there is a war happening between the extremists and pendulums and that the only one that can stop it is the Tick Tock Man but no one knows where he is hiding.
"This is a wonderful story about a boy growing into a young man. I felt for poor CJ when his grandfather and father accuse him of breaking the Hoffhalder. What a bunch of jerks!! But I loved Furtwangen. What an amazing world centering on clocks! But I have to say that Fuzee made the story. She was a strong female lead and the perfect opposite to CJ.
"This is a wonderful midgrade story that will appeal to everyone. You will learn so much about analog clocks. Itís easy to get into this story and hard to leave when you finish the book. This is one to check out."

~  J Bronder Book Reviews

Book line"This was a cute and adventurous book. I enjoyed the book very much. The characters were enjoyable. The plot was enjoyable. The whole another world was enjoyable. This is defiantly a good book for young adults or younger.
"I like how everything was based on some type of clock. Be it a part, a piece of the clock, anything. Even the characters within the world were some part of the clock. I found that to be adorable.
"I personally do not like CJís dad. Grounding him for a month over breaking the clock on accident was a bit extreme. Good thing for the mom. Also, did not enjoy the grandparents I know there are grandparents out there like those I just hope they are few and far between. I would hope the parents would stand up to those kind of rude and condescending grandparents!
"I was able to read this book in a few hours even though I needed to break it up into two days. It was rather enjoyable. The book flowed rather well, and kept a steady pace."

~  Nayuleska of Nayu's Reading Corner